Wesbite Design
A website that works for your business

A great business website is a strategic blend of design and technology that captures the imagination of your target audience and promotes your unique business goals.

Whether you want to capture sales leads, sell more products, or reduce customer service time, your website is the platform for business growth.  Our design, hosting and development services are ideal for small businesses and individuals who are wanting to develop a professional, user-friendly website.

Typical Website Functions



Customer Support

  • Provide answers to common questions
  • Provide downloads (documentation, forms, menus, updates, etc)
  • Provide contact information, maps, hours of operation

Brand Awareness

  • Describe your company and its people
  • Publish press releases and events
  • Describe your products and/or services
  • Describe your mission and vision
  • Show images of your business adn products/services

Lead Generation

  • Attract qualified traffic (search engines, referring sites)
  • Engage visitors (educate, provide resources, entertain)
  • Build trust (testimonials, client lists, credentials, portfolios)
  • Capture visitor information (name, company, email, etc)

Business Processes

  • Registration and membership forms
  • Information sharing and collaboration

The Stages of Web Site Development

1. Planning Phase

The planning phase is the fundamental process of understanding why the web site should be built. There are various reasons why a web site should be built and here are a few:

  • Commercial web site
  • Education web site
  • Entertainment web site
  • News web site
  • Organizational web sites
  • Personal web site

2. Analysis Phase

During the analysis phase we strive to determine what the web site will look like and what information will be presented. This process is largely information gathering and is usually done in a face-to-face meeting. We often review competitor web sites, review web design layouts, and determine the target audience. At the end of the analysis phase we will understand the purpose, the web sites requirements, and will have a general idea of web designs.

3. Template Design Phase

During the prototype design phase, Computus Australis will create several design templates for review. The templates are placed into a simple HTML page that clients can call up in a browser and view like they would in a full working web design.

4. Review of Template Design Phase

At this point the client will be able to review the template design and request any desired changes.

5. Development Phase

Once a web site design has been approved by the client Computus Australis can begin the web site development.

6. Testing Phase

The web site development has completed and it is time for testing. Testing is done to ensure the web site is fully functional within all main browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome) and there are no bugs.

7. Release Phase

Testing has completed and the web site is ready to be released to the world.

8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Phase

We will apply the appropriate keywords and title tags to each page to ensure as high a page rank as possible. We will also submit your web site to all the major search engines and start the web traffic monitoring via Google Analytics.

9. Maintenance Phase (Optional)

Keeping information up to date and adding new relevant information is just as imporant as seo. At this stage we will provide the required changes.