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Internet Marketing
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Computus Australis can provide assistance and help promote your business using the following proven marketing strategies.   

eMail Newsletters

Sending out a periodic email newsletter is a proven method of promoting your website. Existing and potential clients will often be happy to receive valuable advice, news, information and entertainment. If your newsletter is properly designed, each reader will be exposed to your branding and your message. Your newsletter will contain links to additional information and resources on your website. You will build a loyal community of interested prospects and keep them coming back to your site.

eMail Announcements

Periodic emailing of promotions and upcoming events is an excellent way to keep your customers involved and to keep your brand visible. New products or services, special sales, event reminders and company changes are all excellent reasons to notify your mailing list members by email. Well written copy and clear calls to action can provide dramatic response rates to your mailings.

Mailing List Development

At every opportunity in your business, adding more prospects to your mailing list will extend the reach of your email marketing efforts. Online methods such as offering something of value in return for an email address is a very effective method of list building. Offering a free ebook, a free webinar, a discount program or any offer of value is considered a fair exchange for entering an email address by most people.

Collecting email address offline also can be very effective. Capturing email addresses from event attendees, point-of-sale customers, and other points of interaction should always be used.