SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Magnet

The purpose of SEO is to help your site to rank well in the organic search results of the search engines by:-

  • making it easier for the search engines to understand what your site is about.
  • by increasing your websites relative importance compared to other websites.

The more relevant the search engine thinks your site is, the higher up in the organic search results it places your website.

Every website aims at being a top ten rank in Google (on the first page of the search results). This relies on more than just good website design and content, although this is important.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

To be truly competitive for specific search keywords, the most effective method is to bid on keywords and pay for clicks to your website. The major search engines all have systems in place to allow you to purchase a sponsored position in the search results.

Using advanced keyword research methods and competitive analysis, we can select the best and most cost-effective keywords that will generate real traffic from interested visitors to your site.

We actively manage your sponsored ads and keyword bids to maximise your prospects while maintaining your desired budgetary limits.